Grupp’s Telementation: The key to manifestation is to achieve a special “Cosmic” Feeling.

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What is “cosmic feeling”?

Jeffrey Grupp spends an entire book answering that question. That’s a good thing because, quite frankly, this is not an easy concept to grasp. Were it not for Grupp’s obvious intelligence, practical experience, and passionate sincerity, I might think he was just another “law of attraction” copycat.

From the description of the book at

Telementation is an ancient meditative art form, the true nature of our deep inner self, and the most productive way to carry out the law of attraction, Christian mysticism, or Zen Buddhism. It is virtually unknown to modern people, but has been recognized by shamans, Zen Buddhists, mystics, and philosophers as the ultimate power in the universe, which is possessed by everyone. TELEMENTATION is a short instruction manual on how to carry out the law of attraction with great ease and productivity, by directing one’s inner feelings in a specific way.

Many students attempting this become frustrated due to their great efforts and poor results. In Telementation, this is remedied by focusing on feelings rather than beliefs, and the law of attraction is then achieved with Zen-like ease and dramatic success. Telementation consequently creates a revolution in one’s life that ends nearly all personal problems, as it brings a person back to their innate, inalienable greatness and poetical inner peace.

Telementation is also particularly productive for those who want a simple guidebook on how to carry out Buddhist meditation or Christian spirituality, for those who have had trouble attaining ecstatic spiritual and religious experience through meditation, and for those unable to overcome depression by conventional methods.Grupp’s essential message is simple. All the usual principles of the law of attraction apply, such as taking action, knowing what you want, and so on. What he says does not contradict any of that.

In what may be a true breakthrough, Grupp reveals the essence of how desires manifest. His theory explains why we can have one desire quickly and effortlessly appear in our lives and another desire, for which we have worked very hard, never appear at all.

Grupp says that people have been taught that the manifestation of their desires takes place because of their thoughts or visualization or affirmations. He states categorically that this is a lot of baloney. Manifestation takes place because of feeling, not thought. (pages 17–19)

The idea that feeling is involved is not an entirely new idea. Passion, desire, love, gratitude, yearning, expectation, joy, conviction, faith — all of these have been invoked in the name of accomplishing some kind of manifestation.

Grupp, who is as comfortable with quantum physics as book writing, is far more precise. This is what makes his book special and unique.

The key to manifestation is to achieve a special FEELING.

Grupp says that people focus too much on their targets, on what they want to be manifested. As a result, they do not focus enough on creating the right kind of feeling that is required for that manifestation to actually happen.

By the way, there is an easy way to start checking Grupp’s idea out. Take five minutes and review the times in your life when you had something instantly and effortlessly manifest in your life.

If you have a pen and paper handy, write a few of these events down. These manifestations don’t have to be big. Even if they’re small, they are still manifestations. What they have in common is how fast and easy they were.

How would you describe your feeling state in relation to the idea that manifested? Was there anything unique, special, or different about it?

One thing that was probably not in your feeling state when you achieved the fast and easy, if not instant and effortless, manifestation, was doubt.

Another thing that was probably not involved was a sense of a block of anything in your way. You just knew you could have it — and so it was.

Another ingredient that was probably not in your emotional mix was negative emotional states like fear, worry, or anxiety. Obviously, in life we make things happen even when we have to deal with fear, worry, or anxiety. That’s not the point. What we are looking at here is fast and easy manifestation.

Excerpting from the above summary, which sounds like it was written by Grupp, we have the following:

“TELEMENTATION is… how to carry out the law of attraction with great ease and productivity, by directing one’s inner feelings in a specific way. Many students attempting this become frustrated… this is remedied by focusing on feelings rather than beliefs.”

In short, many people attempting to achieve financial success in general, and those practicing the so-called “law of attraction” in particular, have been putting the proverbial cart before the horse. They put thoughts ahead of feelings. They focus on what they want instead of how they feel.

The horse, the primal power that pulls the cart to the desired destination, is not the thoughts. The horse is feeling, but not just any kind of feeling.

According to Grupp, the right horse is a specific kind of feeling. Get this right, he proclaims, and that wonderful horse will take your cart of thoughts and pictures wherever you want it to go. This horse becomes a magic genie.

Here are Grupp’s Magic 7 Secrets for the Fast and Easy Manifestation of Desires:

(1) After you have decided what you want and described it, let it go. It’s okay to focus on dollar amounts. Grupp says he’s had checks appear as if out of nowhere, completely unexpected.

As part of your telementation work, you can say “I know that I will get $5,000 tomorrow!” Say that target statement a couple of times and then get into the special feeling work properly. (page 60–61)

(2) You must dive deep below the momentary surface flux of thoughts and emotions to find a place within yourself where there is a constancy of positive feeling. Grupp calls this inner place the “feeling mass.”

You simply cannot do Grupp’s method until you identify this pre-existing natural inner state. This place is your ecstatic inner essence or core. (pages 79–81)

(3) The deliberate creation of events or changes in your circumstances takes place from a state of ecstasy, joy, happiness, bliss, euphoria, rapture or feeling “high.” If you need help to get there, Grupp recommends eating organic chocolate, drinking damiana tea, listening to music of hypnotic beauty and/or working with brainwave technology. (pages 67–68, 92)

(4) The special deep inner feeling state is not just about feeling really good. There is a “knowing” that goes with it, a total certainty that what you want absolutely will happen. In Grupp’s words, “I deeply feel and know that the targets I am focusing on are real [now].” (pages 61, 86–88, 92)

(5) Unless your target is a minor manifestation, just five minutes a day is not enough. Grupp says that during a typical day of telementation where he is focused on manifesting a major target(s), he will do from two to five telementation sessions. Each session lasts at least 10 minutes. If that’s too much, then just do several sessions of two to five minutes in a day. (pages 40, 92)

(6) Let go of trying to figure out how the target will manifest. People who try too much to visualize things into existence may actually be interfering with the process. Grupp says that not one of his manifestations showed up in the way that he had expected. Every single time he has been surprised. (pages 88, 93–95)

(7) Start out with telementation by taking baby steps. Manifest little things. Build up your confidence in the method. These are tests that will overcome your doubts. If you are a quick study, you could be getting results within a few weeks. (page 59–60)

The idea of intentionally manifesting from ecstatic states is not new. It can be found in occult magic, especially the kind with Tantric overtones.

The same general idea is sprinkled throughout the “law of attraction” literature. Grupp is not the first to talk about the power of feelings.

The value of Grupp’s contribution is that he has created an art of manifestation recipe that is simple, detailed, and specific just like any other good recipe.

If you have done any cooking, then you know that if you start with a good recipe and follow the directions, you should get the results that the recipe promises.

Try the method and comment on your experiences. I personally can attest it works.

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