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How much “guarantee” can you offer as a hu-man?

I hate cancellations and postponements of an arrangement of any kind, either be it in business or life. I also hate ambiguity and vague situations.

As a lawyer, I used to think and live with “guaranteed actions” that could not and should not be canceled or postponed. I had to meet deadlines “no matter what.” Documents should be clear; ambiguity could result to the rejection of the case.

In the online world, things are tighter, but I had been ready and prepared. You cannot cancel a launch. A cancellation means failure. You failed to *something* and while being sincere may save your pride, buyers will see ambiguity in our business. Your sales letter needs a clear structure; clarify boosts sales. Uncertainty kills sales.

I’ve always wanted to be remembered as a “guarantee” turbo-man. And I think this has been the very best success in my online life and world. I do not “cancel” the trust of the people UNLESS a health disaster comes. That’s the only excuse I can accept. I have been trying to be clear as crystal. That’s why I sleep well at nights.

As a product creator, I have dealt with over 300 freelancers. Being a lawyer allowed me to quickly recognize “patterns of behavior” (sometimes I only need a gesture, a word, a phrase, a blink) and that helps me to protect myself and business too. If a freelancer cancels the delivery once, then twice, that would be it. You cannot rely on him/her. Sometimes giving the second change is a luxury. Customers do not forgive easily, and they are less inclined to give you a second chance. You cannot say to customers that you were not able to deliver the product because your freelancer did not deliver. Do you know why? Because you lose your “guarantee” element and in the long run it will ruin your fame. It’s better to just forget that freelancer and move on. Do not risk it. A cancellation of an “arranged thing” is a very good sign that you need to either be careful or fly away ASAP. Move on.

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The standard excuse of the people relates to time. Excuses like “I did not have the time” are for the garbage can. WE ALWAYS HAVE the TIME to do what we WANT to. Always. If you do not have the time to get paid, if you do not have time for being considered as a partner, if you do not have time to PROVE that you are a “guarantee” wo/man, then do not desire success, because she won’t come. Success is demanding. Success favors the “guarantee” wo/men. Excuses like that one work as a proof of your standing in the other people’s priority list. I have always been in the TOP priority list of my family, friends, partners, customers, subscribers, affiliates. I cannot copy with excuses — they confuse my mind, schedule, and plans. The one thing I love about Internet Marketing is that successful people are always the PATTERN of the character I love: NO MATTER WHAT people… “guarantee bringers.”


The closest translation of the Greek word “φερέγγυος” (that has been the same for over 2500 years now) is “insolvency” which is mostly related to behavior in finance and law. In Greek, the meaning is deeper and applies both in life and also in business. It’s consisted of 2 words, and the most exact translation is “the one that BRINGS GUARANTEE” — from φέρω (bring) and εγγύηση (guarantee.)

In the Greek society being “φερέγγυος” or “insolvent” in English goes far beyond the financial behavior. It means you are a man people can trust. It means you’re a man that you will not let them down; a man with a “guarantee” that what you say is 100% real, true and what you do is exactly what must be done. It means you’re a man that can do what has to be done “no matter what” — unless there is a health issue as noted.

Your life needs “guaranteed” friends.
Your business needs “guaranteed” partners.

I hate cancellations.
I hate ambiguity.
I hate excuses.

And you’d too.

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LL.B., MSc, Writer, Success Coach —

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