Kamga I hope you realize that your life is a book in progress. You have the talent of writing and the willingness to practice the new knowledge by applying it unfiltered to your own brain, so keep posting the findings of your new self, of your new journey.

There are going to be many new AHA moments in your journey, there will even be times you will reconsider what you consider today as “true,” or “logical” but for now and IMHO you may work on these 2 points:

  • Do not feel like Frankenstein. That feeling is the result of the cultural shock you’re experiencing and its impact in your psyche. However, you will realize as time passes, that life is full of changes; it’s an elevator and all it counts is IF you will have the courage to push the UP button when the DOWN button is pushed by life per se (by conditions, incidents, facts, people, feelings, etc.) So “No Frankenstein” but for now a cultural patchwork that prepares your mentality for your new-self coming ahead.
  • Do not feel “homeless.” You did not choose to be born in Cameroon. It’d be in Syria, or Russia or whatever country and it’d be equally OK. It’s not the country you are on one side and the country you used to be on the other side. Again, you are walking on a path towards your new-self. The “I am a stranger wherever I go now” is a logical feeling, but you need to welcome it because you are becoming a global citizen. Again, time is a good teacher and it will verify what I am saying here; you will remember these words, and especially this phrase: “Your country is where your family is.”

Stay hungry, creative, productive and keep logging your days as the captain in your new life’s ship.

Written by

LL.B., MSc, Writer, Success Coach — https://JohnDelavera.com

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