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Mark Woolum

There are some things one cannot understand and/or FEEL unless he or she EXPERIENCES them.

You and I cannot feel, can NEVER *FEEL* or even IMAGINE how it is to being “pregnant.” We can have a clue but we shall NEVER ever FEEL that and shall never ever acquire the knowledge of that kind of pain in our brain.

You, I and everybody can never ever “feel” how it is to die. Nobody knows — even dead ones have no idea :) and cannot tell us anything about it, hence we have no clue indeed.

And the list goes on…

You may have a clue on how it is to be deaf or hearing impaired, but you will never ever FEEL the pain of BEING hearing impaired.

You may have a clue on how it is to lose any of your parents from cancer, but but you will never ever FEEL that kind of same pain unless it happens in your family.

And of course….

… you cannot be “a bit” of pregnant or “a bit” of dead or “a bit” of cancer patient. Either YOU ARE or YOU ARE NOT.

The above words are written by someone that had studied and had applied positive thinking in life, in all aspects of it. I had reached a level when I could almost predict what would happen next in my life and/ or business, because I could read the signs and feel the vibes, so rest assured I do know well how it is to control your life by your own thoughts — and how one can MAKE it so.

With all the above said, I need to ask you:

Have you ever been diagnosed with depression?


I think not.

Because if you have ever been hit by REAL DEPRESSION, in a way Tiffany White noted it, that is a DISEASE and not a state of mind or anything else, then you should have never posted “that anxiety and depression aren’t never ending battles.”

Because DEPRESSION is a never ending battle.

Because ONLY if/when you’re hit by DEPRESSION, only then you know.

As noted above, you cannot be a “bit” of patient hit by depression. Because someone that has been diagnosed with depression IS a patient.

Anybody can be a “bit” depressed in their life.

But… feeling “depressed” and BEING DIAGNOSED clinically as “depressed” makes the BIG BIG Difference…

…which one can understand and/or feel ONLY if s/he becomes such a patient, which I do not wish even to my worst enemy (there is none, but just saying…)



Educate yourself.

And if you cannot accept what I wrote above, just be kind and do not participate in similar discussions, because your GOOD WILL TO HELP, which is appreciated here indeed and “we” thank you for that, proves that “we” cannot be understood easily as people that once could control their life 100% and now we can do the same but ONLY with the help of meds.

Because of the DEPRESSION.

Thank you!


p.s. Excuse my typos (if any) since English is not my first language.

LL.B., MSc, Writer, Success Coach —

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