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  1. You can’t reach success alone. You’ll always owe your success to your customers, then to your good friends that helped you to become who you became, then to the mentors for getting the knowledge you did not have, the tools you could not imagine they existed and the mindset that believes in magic.
  2. There cannot be a success in your business if you have not reached success in your personal life, i.e., be calm and able to think OBJECTIVELY and in Logic as defined by Aristotle and Socrates (do your research) — especially if you still believe you do not need help.
  3. You cannot reach higher intelligence alone in THIS life. In 2010 a Swedish evolutionary biologist Svante Pääbo published a study in the Science’s magazine that brought genetics into the equation. Pääbo provided genetic proof that Homo sapiens migrated out of Africa and into the Neanderthal-occupied Eurasian continent, where they met and mated with the more primitive men. Pääbo and his team discovered while comparing samples of Neanderthal DNA with that of modern human DNA. Think about this. The “DNA” of OUR knowledge is finite, restricted. We are not born genius, and ONLY if we INTERACT (“mate” in a mental way) with HIGHER BRAINS only THEN, we can EVOLVE in all levels, personal and businesswise. That’s why you need to put your ego aside IF you want to SUCCEED. You need to “mate” with higher intelligence. Mind you, THAT “higher” intelligence has also mated with another higher intelligence, and that’s how evolution has been working since the Homo Sapiens’ ages.
  4. You cannot reach success the free-way. That’s impossible. It’s like trying to travel from Iceland to the Middle East with free rides and be sure you will do that on time. You need a “car,” and depending on your finances, you will certainly reach your destination faster if you can get an “airplane.” And when you reach your destination, another destination will come out, and you may need a Concord at that time, i.e., something faster. This is not something to debate. Money brings money. If you cannot spend money, you need to generate that money and SPEND it, ie. INVEST in YOU. Or stay a Homo Sapiens.
  5. Your microcosm’s rules do not govern your future and who you can become in your life. Your parents are or were not perfect no matter how much you love/d them. You owe the miracle of life to them, but you owe the miracle of SURPASSING yourself to YOU. If you stay to what you have been taught by your early or later environment, then forget your personal or business evolution.

I LEARNED the above the hard way. It took me years. I still learn a new thing every single day. I wish and hope from my heart that one day you will be able to say to your mirror:

a) I have no finite ego; I am proud of the people I work with and the people I work for them,
b) I’m free from prejudices and think in logic and an objective way. I know how to ask for help when I need it and also say thank you and express my gratitude,
c) I “mate” with higher intelligence and looking forward to it every single day.
d) I use the money for investing in knowledge and tools for moving faster towards my destination.,
e) I am programmed to challenge my current microcosm and evolve.

To Your Success!

Written by

LL.B., MSc, Writer, Success Coach —

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