Welcome to LoS Vegas (not a typo)

I want you to think about Las Vegas.

In this article I’m using it as an analogy to describe the standards that apply in LoS Vegas, where LoS stands for the Land of Success and in specific in Internet Marketing.

You cannot find a miserable hotel in Las Vegas.

ALL the new hotels MUST follow hi-luxury STANDARDS. Or they’ll close their doors soon.

The same logic applies to LoS Vegas.

BTW did you know that in Spain and Spanish America vega is a large grassy plain or valley? Hence Las Vegas means “the meadows.”

Let’s take the customer service as an example.

All the hotels in Las Vegas offer exceptional customer service. They do it with the comprehension that they do not do anything unique or uncommon. They follow the rules of the market’s standards.

You do not do anything special when offering excellent customer service in LoS. You have no choice: you MUST do that.

You must offer excellent customer service. There is no need to even think about it, say as a USP. You do that, or you’re soon out of business.

With that said, there are specific procedures to follow and maintain a balance.

You need to offer excellent customer service on one side and survive on a personal level on the other side.

You need to “be there” for all customers, and at the same time breathe and live your life.

That’s an art and something you can learn either by your successes and failures of by someone that already masters the art.

As Aristoteles put it over 2000 years ago:

“Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives — choice, not chance, determines your destiny.”

And he added:

”Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”

Businesses in Las Vegas do not even improvise. There are certain habits of excellence already established there, and they follow them — all they can do is ADD more value to the existing standards.

The more you explore the map of the Los Vegas the more you realize that success is all about applying excellence; and this applies to the behavioral habits too.

There are so many behavioral habits you need to adapt.

There are so many roles you need to play, and each character has its own behavioral rules.

In the beginning, you need to be a solo man (or woman) orchestra.

When you start online, you cannot afford to pay a whole team all other businesses in LoS Vegas have.

Let’s take the case of a concierge for example.

Every hotel in Vegas offers a concierge service.


Because customers need a “central” point, where they can ask for things they do not want to ask in the Reception. Some customers have special interests for example or even weird expectations. They feel comfortable when they can direct their questions to a “go-to” man or woman. They want to know there IS such a man or woman in the hotel for that reason.

That’s why new hotels in Las Vegas won’t even think about offering such a service: they must offer a concierge service.

An equal example in LoS Vegas is the role of the JV Manager. A Joint Venture (or Affiliate) Manager should exist as the “go-to man or woman” ready to serve the requests of your affiliates. He must have the experience and the knowledge also to discover JV partners. He needs to be prepared to help them all and standby on a 24-hour basis during the preparation of your launch.

In the beginning, you need to play that role too.

The point is that by applying excellence in LoS you do not do anything extraordinary; you are required to do so.

You do not walk an extra mile in your business that is.
You do what you must do, as a habit of excellence. that is taken for granted in the LoS.
Because if you do not do that, you will not survive in LoS.

Mentioning Reception by the way. Can you now visualize now your Helpdesk as the equal Reception to your business?

Some additional examples:

In the beginning, you will need to be a graphic designer too or you will need to hire someone.

Have you seen an ugly hotel in Las Vegas?
Have you seen an ugly website in LoS Vegas?

The answer is no for both questions.

While in LoS you cannot release your new product with no graphics at all or using poor graphics. It’s a No-No.

In Las Vegas customers expect to experience luxury and think about it as a standard. In fact, they do not think about it at all. They take it for granted.

The same happens in LoS Vegas: customers expect to visit a beautiful page when a new product launches.

Another example:

In the beginning, you will need to know how to offer coupons and discounts. You need to use a system that supports that functionality.

Have you seen a hotel in Las Vegas that does not offer coupons, discounts, and special treats?

Have you seen a business in LoS Vegas not using coupons, discounts and special offers?

The answer is no for both questions.

You will also need to run special events.

How often are the special events in the hotels of Las Vegas?

Can you relate now to the special events offered by businesses in LoS Vegas? You may recall that there are specific names they use to call them too, like FireSales, Dime Sales, Christmas or Easter Special Offers and so on.

In LoS you should have a solid platform that will allow you to play the same “game” everybody plays there. You follow the rules of excellence, and the least you can do to differentiate is add value to those standards.

Think about Internet Marketing again with the analogy of Las and LoS Vegas. I am sure you will have many AHA moments.

Even the smallest details on how the hotels operate in Las Vegas will give you ideas on how to behave and how to run your online business so you’d be consider an a LoS Resident, and claim a space there.

Until that time, observe what happens in LoS and improvise — or even better hire a mentor. There are plenty of mentors “residents” in LoS; you just need to find a good one. ;)

Written by

LL.B., MSc, Writer, Success Coach — https://JohnDelavera.com

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