The title of this article is mentioned inside Seth Godin’s book: The Big Red Fez: How To Make Any Web Site Better.

I read that ebook in 2002 and realized that a Web page must have ONE PURPOSE only.

You may create a page for getting new subscribers to your newsletter. You may create a page for selling something.

The visitor must see the Banana. Or s/he is gone.

That’s why headlines play an essential role on a page. The headline should be the message that should describe what the banana is.

If your purpose is to capture the email address of people who visit your page, then the reasons why someone should subscribe with your list should be the Banana.

The Banana should be on that page, i.e., the subscription form.

Apart from that subscription form, there should be NO other link on that page. You do not want anything else from the visitor. All you want is to make the visitor sign up.

The Banana is the list of the reasons that tell the visitor WHY he/she should sign up with your list… and the WAY that visitors can GET the banana should be to fill in the subscription form — nothing else.

Next time you design your sign-up form, or the squeeze or landing page, as people used to call these pages, think about what is mentioned above and try to answer these questions:

• Is there 1 Banana only?
• Is the Banana described well?
• Should I get the Banana if I was a visitor on this page — or should I leave?
• Is there an exit way (i.e., another link) on that page?
• Is there ONLY one way for the visitor to get the Banana?

The same applies when you create a page for selling a product. The whole sales letter should have 1 reason only: to show what the Banana is, and thus, why people give their money to YOU — not to me, not to a competitor, but to YOU ONLY. And there should be only 1 link, the order link.

Any other link on the sales page and the customer can exit.

Give many Bananas throughout the page, and the visitor may not even find the “entrance.”

Subscribers will come.
Customers will come.

For everything less or more that is added to a page, a REASON must exist.

For as long you KNOW what that reason is, you can add more bananas and/or additional doors for allowing people to go in and out. For example, you can have the Banana on the sales letter and use another Banana as your list builder through an exit-popup window.

Keep it simple:
• One Banana on the page
• One entrance only to whatever you offer.

I had to rewrite my pages back at the time that I read Seth’s ebook.
View your pages again and try to think like a visitor.

• Is the Banana clear?
• Is the entrance easy to reach?

Well done, then. Keep it that way.


Written by

LL.B., MSc, Writer, Success Coach —

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